• Web application penetration testing checks for vulnerabilities or security gaps in web-based applications. Usually, web application penetration testing would include web-based applications such as browsers and their components. Therefore, such tests are quite detailed and targeted towards specific details.

Our Web App penetration tests go beyond international standards – including OWASP – and your test will come with a detailed final report.
Your detailed final report will include an executive summary, a list of findings, risk ratings, and remediation recommendations.  
Throughout the web application penetration testing process, Secure-Way uses automated, as well as comprehensive manual testing.

SecureWay advises and supports businesses with a global service package designed to meet their IT security needs. SecureWay is a company specialized in cybersecurity and information security to offer a full range of services in the security field such as :
• Cybersecurity.
• Secure Infrastructure.
• Red Teaming Services (RTS).
• Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC).
• Awareness & Training.

Our team members are extremely trained and experienced with past exposure in the corporate world as distinguished professionals.

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