• Including:

    Windows Servers Pen Test

    This engages with comprehensive penetration testing in order to find vulnerabilities in the Windows Server and exploit them.

    Database Pen Test

    No web penetration test is complete without testing the security of the backend database. SQL servers are always on the target list of attackers, and they need special attention during a penetration test to close loopholes that could be leaking information from the database.

Domain Controller Pen Test

Domain controller penetration testing requires quality tools and special tactics, reconnaissance, enumeration, and vulnerability discovery.

Web Servers Pen Test

Penetration tests of Web servers focus on finding vulnerabilities specific to the configuration of the infrastructure that hosts the services.

Examples of common vulnerabilities :

  • Open and poorly protected services,
  • Software that is not updated,
  • Security elements that can be bypassed, and
  • Configuration errors.


SecureWay advises and supports businesses with a global service package designed to meet their IT security needs. SecureWay is a company specialized in cybersecurity and information security to offer a full range of services in the security field such as :
• Cybersecurity.
• Secure Infrastructure.
• Red Teaming Services (RTS).
• Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC).
• Awareness & Training.

Our team members are extremely trained and experienced with past exposure in the corporate world as distinguished professionals.

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