We offer training courses (both classroom and in house) for all staff, from basic foundation level to advanced courses for IT practitioners and lead implementers seeking implementation of or certification to various standards.

  • ISO 27001
  • ISO 20000
  • ISO 22301
  • ISO 9001

Cyber Security Engineer Training

• Penetration Tester Professional Training

Training designed for cybersecurity engineers who want more in-depth practical knowledge into any of these fields: web, mobile, and network pen test.

Software Engineers Training

• Secure Software Development Training

Learn how to architect, build and test software products in a secure manner.

• Managers Training

• IT Security Training for Managers

This cybersecurity training course prepares managers, members of the board and senior executives to understand, assess, and take a proactive posture in cyber security.

General Security Awareness Training

Specially designed for persons who want to understand how cyber-attacks are happening and how to protect against them and enthusiasts that want to get into cybersecurity field.


Skills That Make a Meaningful Difference for Your Business

With SecureWay's services, you will find the weak spots in your critical assets and strengthen them.

43% of attacks are all targeted at small business enterprises 43%

SecureWay advises and supports businesses with a global service package designed to meet their IT security needs. SecureWay is a company specialized in cybersecurity and information security to offer a full range of services in the security field such as :
• Cybersecurity.
• Secure Infrastructure.
• Red Teaming Services (RTS).
• Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC).
• Awareness & Training.

Our team members are extremely trained and experienced with past exposure in the corporate world as distinguished professionals.

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